Heavy Hauling

With over 30 years hauling wide, high, heavy, and long loads, MSC has a proven track record of LEGALLY moving large equipment.  We specialize in multiple component projects, where one machine or commodity requires several permitted loads and organization of loading and delivering are essential.  Our in house permitting ensures seamless communication between multiple state permitting departments and the trucking company, eliminating delays caused by a permit agency middleman.  As a crane and equipment assembly company, we manage trucking whether we are doing the assembly or not as a way to minimize crane charges and to accelerate equipment builds.  Multiple load heavy hauling works best when the trucking company understands what is needed to build a piece of equipment, coordinating which equipment parts are needed first, not last and timing that arrival to crane power and manpower.  In addition, we try at all times to schedule the truckload deliveries to days that a crane will be on-site, reducing the number of overall crane rental hours on a project.  We communicate and give accurate, real time updates.  In the business of heavy hauling, there are variables in every aspect of a project from loading, permitting, road construction, weather and traffic.  MSC thrives by communicating with our customers to eliminate surprises and to deliver any changes in real time.  Machinery Services is a national provider of heavy-haul logistics and transportation services for the construction, mining, and agriculture equipment markets.   

“Machinery Services, Heavy Hauling with a Project Management Attitude”.

Equipment Listing

  • (35) Ton RGN Deck Trailers
  • (35) Ton RGN Stretch Double Drop Trailer with 48’ in the well
  • (45) Ton RGN Deck Trailer
  • Deck & Beam Trailer Setups for 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 Axle
  • Step Decks

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“Machinery Services, Heavy Hauling with a Project Management Attitude”